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Why is it I never see anyone bring up one of the most important reasons there’s still a drug war and people are still sent to jail for years for smoking flowers? Drug freedom advocates talk about hemp, they talk about how Anslinger started the whole damn thing to get people riled up about Mexicans, they talk about excuses to eliminate our freedoms.  But why? Who benefits from all this?

Two Words: Prison Slavery.

Pot is smoked by more people than it ever has been in America, even in the 1960s, nowadays, but the drug culture still aims mostly at the 18-34 demographic.  It’s not harmless to smoke anything, so people began eating weed and someone invented vaporizers.  But we all know pot never killed anyone and that stoned people might be a little more lackadaisical than the rest of us – fine, they have their pleasures, other folks have theirs.

But young to middle-aged people who aren’t suffering from major health problems make the most useful SLAVES.  Do you think people in prison just sit around in their cells all day, run around in the yard lifting weights, and raping young boys who drop the soap come shower time?

They spend most of their days doing labour – and we’re not talking about banging out license plates, amigos.  It’s the sorts of work even illegal immigrants wouldn’t take if they were starving, sometimes.  At best, it’s a full time job of tedium, with horrid supervisors and the most terrible part is the prisoner doesn’t have a home to return to afterwards, and s/he receives NO TRUE PAYCHECK for their toils since they’re ‘working off their debt to society’ for being such offensive persons as to want to either self-medicate, or simply alter their consciousness with something less stupefying than beer and hard liquor.

(Just to legally bypass being ‘enslavers’ they pay the prisoner about two dollars a week, according to what I was last able to find on this, which was about ten years ago so it may have either been adjusted for inflation, or else, just kept the same, after all, these are prisoners, who’s going to care? But that money is just about enough for one call home and a roll of toilet paper.)

Worse still, prisons are slowly and very silently becoming privatized.  Not that it may even matter anymore, seeing how much protection the government gives us any more. Look up “Corrections Corporation of America” (CCA) – it’s practically a monopoly, which began in Texas and the surrounding states, and is now spreading like a cancer across the so-called nation.  Um, sorry, I guess it’s “homeland” now.

THIS is why I think no matter how many people vote to legalize pot, it stays illegal.  We all know elections can and do get dickered with.  Prop. 19 in California very nearly won last year, but still there had to be a CCA lobby, in addition to the liquor lobby and the usual religious nutcases.  How many corporations depend on prison labor?

Someone – perhaps myself – needs to gather data on this, and make it very public.  And these corporations need to be not merely boycotted, but their reputations ruined no matter what it takes short of violence. At the very least the word needs to spread about this practice, and the fact that there is STILL SLAVERY in the US, it’s merely done mostly by harmless drug users and in relative secrecy.

And yes.  MOST drug users are harmless to others, and even most dealers are harmless if you simply leave them alone and treat them like any other businesspeople. I live in the worst part of San Francisco, but none of them bother me, the only harassment I get comes from drunk people. Even though I rather despise certain drugs, particularly crack, if offered it, I merely say, “No thanks” and walk off.

The harm drug users cause to themselves varies, and is still their choice.  If we do not own our bodies, though, and the right to trash them or keep them as pure as snow – or anywhere in the middle of these extremes – then what rights do we have at all? We do not owe our bodies to ‘society’ and the moment we do, we’re living in something like communism, only worse.


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