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Supreme Court OKs Warrantless House Search

If you’re on anything at this time that is going to make you feel too amplified in paranoia or depression as to possibly become violent or suicidal?

I feel it’s my responsibility to tell you to NOT READ THE LINK ABOVE THIS WARNING YET, but ABSOLUTELY to bookmark it, until you come down, and this time, be sure to do something like drag the link to your desktop so that you make sure that you read it when you’re not in any hugely altered state any longer.

The information in it may affect you, or your friends, at any time.

Okay…are you sitting down? Or just “down” from whatever you were on last time you saw this page?

Once upon a time we had a Bill of Rights, which included Amendment 4, the right to not be victims to warrantless searches and seizures.

Our Supreme Court just voted 8 to 1 to approve this: If a cop merely suspects, for any reason, that you MIGHT be a drug dealer, they can bust your door down with NO WARRANT if they hear “a rustling sound” from behind it.

I am not making this up.

It is time to finally come to grips with why ouir rights as drug users are so instantly invalidated.  It’s not the usual shit you always hear drug legalization advocates talk of.

I left the post which will appear above this one as a comment to this article, but I am also going to repost it here, and in the months to come am going to focus on this particular reason more – and would suggest other advocateurs do likewise.

The gist of it is that we are still a nation that runs on slavery…prison slavery.  How do you get enough prison slaves without making a very popular but essentially harmless activity illegal?

I will not sleep easily tonight.  Send the best of vibes to your friends – and those anonymous-at-various-levels persons you know who put their lives on the line to make their money but without whom you’d not have your drugs; if you have a friendly dealer who doesn’t rip you off or constantly have assholes hanging around be extra-thankful.  And be sure they know about this, so that they can strategize. In general most smart purveyors of black market goods are by necessity very quiet about what they do.  Not all of them are smart.  Begin small campaigns amongst your friends to smarten them up, if you notice they aren’t quiet enough. Whatever inconvenience either the dealer or customer must face in the wake of this decision, it MUST be put up with.

Though really, in this “their word against yours” system, I dunno how much good it will do – but it could not hurt.  And even if it were not this way, it’s far better for dealers to be as unproblematic to their neighbours as possible.  Even if all drugs were virtually decriminalized to parking-ticket level.


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