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This afternoon, I decided to start washing my clothes in the bathtub instead of going to a laundromat, to save money. In the process of looking for instructions on how to do this right, I ran into the great source of “how-to” info, Instructibles. Before I started doing laundry, however, I inevitably answered the internet’s siren song of procrastination-inducement and started clicking and reading other entries. I figured, after all, that I’d be giving myself a good education in practical know-how…

I read about several nifty things I could do to make stuff, including a cat feeder, before I ran into the site’s contest pages. They’ve just finished running a Dead Computer Contest – involving various projects you can do to (well…duh) re-use dead computers. It’s managed to get quite a few entries, describing all manner of things I’d never have thought computers could be turned into.

And while you probably also never would have thought of making a bong out of one…well, hey, if you can make an aquarium out of an old Mac, why not a bong? It would likely be a little unwieldy to use, in practice, because of its size…but it makes an entertaining novelty, for certain. Thanks and props to Instructibles member kirkfog for this: apparently, it was his first post there, ever. (If anyone happens to be reading this before the 13th of March 2010, take a couple of minutes to go and give him a vote!)


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