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Sad Day For Interrobang Lovers

Leave it to the bloody ONDCP to go and make the interrobang uncool:

It’s their new logo for a new decade. I guess they figure it makes them look edgy and hip or something. It doesn’t. It makes them look exactly like they are trying really hard to be perceived that way.

I also just found out that Comcast, which happens to be my internet provider, is a Proud Corporate Sponsor for the “Timetotalk.org” site. Oh, swell.

This means I need to do two things: shunt them a customized copy of the letter in the last post…and then, start looking for another damn net-pipe provider. I really hate it when I am the one who ends up paying for this shit with more than just tax dollars. One must be ever-vigilant if such things are to be avoided.


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ONDCP Nation

I wrote the following letter tonight to the folks at The Nation.

Dear Editors:

Today I was reading The Nation’s article on the underappreciated progressive victories that have happened in the past decade – and nodding my head as I came to its reminder of the Obama administration’s change of attitude regarding drug prohibition. 

Ironically enough: while I was reading it, the “Timetotalk.org” ad from the Partnership for a Drug-Free America popped up on the page’s random-targeted-ad rota. It was an unpleasant shock to see that running on the pages of such a progressive and rational site as The Nation. All  federal anti-drug ads are issued by the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) which does not, contrary to its misleading name, formulate “national drug control policy” since it’s not connected to the legislative branch of the federal government; it’s an executive branch office, with its ‘czar’ handpicked by the President.  A more proper name for it might be “Office of Neurotic Drug Connected Propaganda”.

Why must you run ads pointing to propaganda from the office of the (anti-) “Drug Czar?” I wouldn’t be surprised if they paid you a lot of money to do it… but if it was actually motivated by a desire to run anti-drug public service ads, can’t you please choose something from a source that’s got a history of providing more truthful, balanced information that people can actually trust, instead of ads from an office whose job it is to discourage all drug use and legalization no matter what it takes? Even if it only hires researchers who will bring them negative data, and thus structure their experiments to be more likely to find facts that ‘prove’ pot is dangerous…which nearly every honest study completely contradicts? If you must run anti-drug PSAs, find some from a different source which does not have a track record of pumping out half-truths at best and outright lies as often as is deemed necessary.

The ONDCP is obviously under pressure from both pharm corps and liquor companies to help keep a non-patentable medicine that people could grow in their own back yards from becoming legal at a time when the nation is more and more open, with each passing year, to supporting this move.  Now that vaporizers have been invented, there’s not even the need to smoke it in a way that damages the lungs any more.  The ONDCP is a waste of money, at a time when it ought to be saved for far more important things than ineffectual silly TV and web spots that kids just laugh at anyway. But lying about drugs is their worst sin, no matter what your feelings on drug use, or about drug users, happen to be. If you lie to kids about pot, do you think they’re going to trust you if you tell them how bad heroin is?

Maybe the lower-level employees of this organization  think of themselves as merely good people who chose a career that would help to protect vulnerable youth from lifetimes of crime.  ONDCP materials sometimes take a “science-based” approach, but the ONDCP assigns its researchers to only bring them negative data. This is  a corruption of the basic research process, because a pre-ordained ideology is undermining the experimental process, right from the start. ONDCP-paid scientists will not even be likely to publish study data independently that could suggest cannabis has positive medical value–for then their employer would never want another word from them again.  They are ordered to not only cover up positive information, but also to do their best to not even notice it when they find it. In so doing, they have stifled valuable research about the proven medicinal value of cannabis, including that based on the significant finds by EU and Canada-based researchers showing that components of cannabis may actually work to help prevent the growth of cancerous tumors. A nation with a sane drug policy would want this researched up, down and sideways!

The ONDCP – and its enforcement wing, the DEA – are the offices which exist to make sure it remains in the dark when a recreational substance might in at least some ways be good for you – and lie enough so that many people who use marijuana and know they’ve been lied to will sadly ignore the facts about the drugs that can actually be quite bad for you.


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