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I found Venom Yum whilst doing a really weird search-engine experiment related to one of my zillions of semi-anonymous experimental blogs.  It appears to be some sort of Euro-based design team with lots and lots of fairly cutesy but also fairly psychotrippical output.

This reminds me: I’m thinking of fusing the Counterculture Vulture blog and this one; trying to keep them both running is sort of a pain in the ass being that they are both on WordPress.  And doing so would also make this more like the old Anodyne, which was about both the drugs and the druggish arts that they’ve inspired.

More variety for the reader…less annoyance to the writer (your Spokesnut, yours truly.) A win/win situation.

I’m also seeking one or two individuals who might like to become writers for Anodyne, complete with access codes and sidebar avatars and linkage and all that.  All ya gotsta do is just submit bits and snippets of occasional drug-oriented content, thus bringing yet more variety here.

Ergo…if you’re a “Drugly American”  – or any nationality for that matter, but write well in English (whether stoned or not) just drop me a line–and I’ll snort it, just to see if it tastes right,  see if I like its effects. Then I’ll space out for a week or two and get back to you.

Maybe, if it’s stimulating enough, I’ll get back to you immediately.

You could easily figure out how to reach me, but I’m not going to sit here and fuck with your head, sending you puzzling non-directions; look, just email psychaotic@choronzon.org and that will get your dropped lines where you want them to go.


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