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I found Venom Yum whilst doing a really weird search-engine experiment related to one of my zillions of semi-anonymous experimental blogs.  It appears to be some sort of Euro-based design team with lots and lots of fairly cutesy but also fairly psychotrippical output.

This reminds me: I’m thinking of fusing the Counterculture Vulture blog and this one; trying to keep them both running is sort of a pain in the ass being that they are both on WordPress.  And doing so would also make this more like the old Anodyne, which was about both the drugs and the druggish arts that they’ve inspired.

More variety for the reader…less annoyance to the writer (your Spokesnut, yours truly.) A win/win situation.

I’m also seeking one or two individuals who might like to become writers for Anodyne, complete with access codes and sidebar avatars and linkage and all that.  All ya gotsta do is just submit bits and snippets of occasional drug-oriented content, thus bringing yet more variety here.

Ergo…if you’re a “Drugly American”  – or any nationality for that matter, but write well in English (whether stoned or not) just drop me a line–and I’ll snort it, just to see if it tastes right,  see if I like its effects. Then I’ll space out for a week or two and get back to you.

Maybe, if it’s stimulating enough, I’ll get back to you immediately.

You could easily figure out how to reach me, but I’m not going to sit here and fuck with your head, sending you puzzling non-directions; look, just email psychaotic@choronzon.org and that will get your dropped lines where you want them to go.


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Amusing as Hell.  May help distract the distractable-enough from noticing that sidebar stuff didn’t get done.  Do you really need to hear why? Just assume the obvious, and whether you are or are not correct, you’ll settle for the ‘reason’ knowing full well it coulda just as easily been YOUR fuckup, if you were running this show…

Seriously, though…I’ll really try to get to it even though the next four or five days are burdened with what Tim Leary usedta call ‘first circuit concerns’, the damn CRAP every human needs to do if s/he wishes to maintain living space, adequate food, health, and all that happy horseshit without which whatever addicts you to a sludgeball of euphoric glee, be it legal, illegal, halfway-there and racing for the finish line…OR MAYBE YOU are, like me, JUST REALLY ADDICTED to the goddamn internet, so much that it’s done more damage than your past hard drug habits, but stopping it or cutting down to a healthy hour or so a day and no more would take you, or your caring friend, putting an ax through your almost-$800 dollar computer, which is NOT the kind of intervention that makes my friends remain my friends.

What happens to net addicts who also can happen to – unlike me at this juncture – actually afford weed? Does the weed make it worse, or does the weed make you succumb to the need to get horizontal and/or eat which kind of interrupts the net-addiction process…you STOP clicking when you are stoned, if my memory serves me (and yes, ONDCP jerkoffs, it DOES) before your brain melts out your ears in goopy wet gumdrop like balls of fizz.

But enough of that.  Download this Scribd – is that scrib-dee or scribbed, when you say it either out loud or read it in your head? This one’s a hoot.

Sidebars.  Blogrolls.  Soon.  If you give a damn remind me.  If you author a drug blog and don’t remind me, I will send minions to your home to steal your stash and bring it…somewhere else, until you send me your url and beg me to sidebar it, the way folks did in the old days when there were about 85 blogs and mine was one of them! Everyone rushed around trying to get on each other’s sidebars, using creative begging, bribing, and even obscene offers to obtain this vital link love.  Now, the fucking RSS shit does all the work and all I have to do is grab the list of feeds, run a few, then hit one of the social nutwhacking sites searchbots, put ‘drugs’ in the box, and after winnowing out the rehabs and happy church group community anti-drug program blogs, scoop the rest onto the sidebar in one grab and slap.

(Actually, that while doable, would kind of suck.  That’s the way I had it before, but this time I’m gonna do a categoried blogroll, since the p0t blogs and junkie diaries ought to live in their own lil’ comfy sections.  Doncha agree?) That however does take more work.  Might hafta wait till that First Circuit shit gets attended to, or else I’ll just do a crappy job since I’ll be too worried–not to mention entirely too straight…since until I figure out some way to earn my own pot money, I ain’t gonna smoke it.  It’s a karma thing.

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420 Day

It’s also Hitler’s birthday and the anniversary of Columbine, but fuck all that, we know what it really means.  Hope you had a good one today.

As a temporary measure, I put up one of the old, old, Anodyne logos from back-in-the-day.  It looks like crap because of resizing and all this happened because I can’t get Photoshop running to make a new one.

SIDEBAR for blog will be fixed in the next 24 to 36 hours and blogroll replaced.  Might as well categorise it this time, and do a better job than the last one, at least, since I have to go hunt down all the drug-blogs that now exist anyway.

I will swear to the holy nature of LSD and my own life, damn it, that Anodyne was THE FIRST BLOG on the subject of drugs.  There WAS a blog active at this time, circa 2000, not created on blogware, called Drug War Rant, which is still around and full of the never ending reasons why it’s completely ridiculous to keep spending so much money and police time keeping people from using them.  Anodyne, though, only was partly political, seeking to be the blog that was about all aspects of drugs, including the politics, but also the stories from my life, and also submissions by anonymous parties telling such tales.  Some were Good Stories, some were Bad Stories, and others were very neutral, which is rare when such a passionately loved and hated topic is discussed.

If you have a Blog on Drugs of any sort and want it included in New-and-Improved Outlaw Anodyne Blogroll, you just send a link right to me via the comments and I’ll see it gets attended to.

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After about four years of non-existence, Anodyne is back.

In the interim time that Anodyne wasn’t around, someone else snapped up the name “Anodyne”, so now the Blog on Drugs you may have known if you ever happened to land on a website called Involution.org is now called Outlaw Anodyne.

Since it’s about drugs which tend to be illegal, the reason for the name should be obvious.

When this blog was around in its old incarnation, the whole blogging trip was a whole lot simpler. I started “blogging” in 1999, during the first year that the original Blogger site first broke out, and pretty much the whole “blogosphere” existed on the servers of Blogger.com, and a few other now-defunct outfits. Now, there’s not only about a zillion blogs and a million places to put them, but we now have XML and “social networking” connecting every website you frequent to every other website you frequent.

Outlaw Anodyne is probably not going to have all that newfangled stuff on it – at least not for a while. It’s all I can do just to get used to the complexities of WordPress. Especially since most of the time, these days, I’m a lot more sober than I really wish to be.

Posting shall begin in a few minutes or hours or maybe days.

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